No mask? In West Hollywood, that could cost you $300

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No mask? In West Hollywood, that could cost you $300

by Alma Fausto

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies in West Hollywood announced Wednesday that they would be issuing citations for those without face coverings in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. A first offense could cost up to $300.

The bulletin came in the wake of Governor Gavin Newsom’s pandemic update in which he ordered establishments like restaurants, theaters and museums to close amid the surging virus cases.

While Newsom said newly formed strike teams will target non-compliant businesses, local governments will largely be tasked with enforcing coronavirus restrictions.

“Our last option was to conduct enforcement by issuing an Administrative Citation, but the risk to Community health is too great,” according to the West Hollywood sheriff’s station.

The citations, are administrative and not criminal, said station Capt. Edward Ramirez.

Deputies from the station have not yet issued any citations.

“As always, we will do our best to enforce all laws without bias, using good judgment and common sense,” Ramirez said.

When asked if other stations would do the same, a department spokeswoman said that the decision is not made across the board.

“West Hollywood is a contract city so their mayor can say they are going to cite,” said Deputy Grace Medrano.

“At the county level we are educating and seeking voluntary compliance.”

From early in the pandemic, law enforcement agencies have stressed they’ll emphasize education and compliance rather than citations or arrests.

The City of West Hollywood had previously declared a local emergency in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The West Hollywood Sheriff’s station patrols West Hollywood and the unincorporated communities of Franklin Canyon, Universal City and federal property in West Los Angeles.

All credit goes to Alma Fausto
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