Chief of Police of Beverly Hills Police Department is Sandra Spagnoli. Chief Spagnoli began her career with the San Carlos Police Department in 1990. Another notable alums of the Beverly Hills PD include Detective Axel Foley who began his career in Detroit before coming to Los Angeles in 1984 to investigate the murder of Paul Reiser – we’re being jokey, of course. Axel Foley was the character played by Eddie Murphy in the “Beverly Hills Cop” films.

Just a hop skip and a jump from Rodeo Drive, Canon Drive and all of the wonderful shops & ambience of Beverly Hills you’ll find the Beverly Hills Police Department located at 464 N Rexford Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

The City of Beverly Hills incorporated in 1916 and has a proud history, including the formation of the BHPD in 1927. In 1932 the Beverly Hills PD moved to Beverly Hills City Hall.

Bail bonds in Beverly Hills can be a bit easier in part because the city offers a parking structure conveniently located adjacent to the Beverly Hills Jail (be sure to read signs for cost; typically the first hour is free with a flat rate applied after 6pm entry – again, please read the signs). The Rexford location has been occupied by the BHPD since 1990.

Greatest Bail Bonds has an office located right down the street from Beverly Hills Police at 8149 Santa Monica Boulevard.

Though it’s never ideal to be in jail, rest assured that Beverly Hills Jail is one of the better places you can find yourself bailed out if arrested in Los Angeles County.

If you find a loved one arrested in Beverly Hills you may call Greatest Bail Bonds @ 323 375 7000 or BHPD directly at 310 550-4951 (typically ask for “Records” or “Jailer”).

Unfortunately, if a loved one is in jail in Beverly Hills 90210 the Records department typically closes around 10pm then reopens in the early morning. If a bail bond is being posted in 90210 this could slow down the release of your loved one. It’s important to choose a bail bonds company in Beverly Hills that you can trust is on top of the fast release of your loved one when arrested in BH.

If the defendant posts bail Beverly Hills court with typically Airport. Beverly Hills Jail has courthouse nearby thought the Beverly Hills Courthouse focuses on civil matters and traffic violations.

Past clients needing bail bonds in Beverly Hills have alerted us at Greatest Bail Bonds to Beverly Hills Police Department’s approach to accepting applications to their police force on an ongoing basis. Learn more at the BHPD website.

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