Pasadena is home to Rose Bowl, Tournament of Roses Parade an amazing Swap Meet.

If you’re housed at Pasadena Jail you may be eligible for bail. To find out if an arrest is eligible for bail in Pasadena you may call Greatest Bail Bonds @ 323 375 7000 or a licensed California Licensed bail bondsman.

Pasadena Jail is right across the street from Pasadena Courthouse. If a Defendant makes bail out of Pasadena Jail, the Defendant will typically have their first court date at Pasadena Courthouse within two months. If a Defendant is arrested in the city of Pasadena but does not post a bail bond, typically the Defendant will be arraigned at Pasadena Courthouse with 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

Pasadena lobby is often locked and you must dial an intercom to be let inside.

Pasadena Police Department is located at 207 N. Garfield Ave., Pasadena, CA 91101. Despite the first three digits of the Pasadena zip code being 911, don’t be alarmed – Pasadena is a charming city.

John Perez is the Police Chief of the Pasadena Police. Chief Perez has proudly served the Pasadena PD since 1985.

Bail in Pasadena can be an easy process with Greatest Bail Bonds. If your loved one is in jail in the city of Pasadena and requires a bail bond, look no further than Greatest Bail Bonds. Our bail bond will be posted at the Pasadena Jail and the defendant will be released on bail typically within one hour.

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