Bail in Manhattan Beach is posted at the jail located at 420 15th St, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. If you have a question about an arrest in Manhattan Beach you may contact the police station directly at 310 802 5140 or Greatest Bail Bonds at 323 375 7000.

Manhattan Beach is a charming city with the fresh ocean breeze hitting you as you walk through the Police Station doors. Manhattan Beach Jail is relatively small with 8 main cells which can house a total of 14 inmates. At Manhattan Beach Jail there are also two short-term sobering cells (thing “drunk tank”). Separate area for juveniles. BPD Jail is a Type 1 facility – meaning it houses mostly inmates awaiting arraignment after being arrested in Manhattan Beach. A defendant may typically be released in Manhattan Beach by posting a bail bond.

“Bail bond in Manhattan Beach – what’s that”?
If a bail bond is set for a defendant in Manhattan Beach, this means that the defendant is required to have a set amount of money be provided to the county to act as insurance to insure the appearance at count.

“Arrested in Manhattan Beach! Bail in Manhattan Beach – how much & who pays”?

The amount of a bail bond in Manhattan Beach is typically predetermined annually within the LA County bail schedule found here:

Bail can be paid by the defendant, a loved one, friend, co-worker. To obtain bail in Manhattan Beach or throughout Southern California please contact Greatest Bail Bonds at 323 375 7000.

“How do I bail out of Manhattan Beach Jail?”

First step is to contact a licensed bail bondsman. You have many options including Greatest Bail Bonds. Long story short on bail, you pay the bail company, sign some paperwork, then the company posts in the bail, then the defendant is released from Manhattan Beach within an hour or so. After bailing in Manhattan Beach the defendant will complete some paperwork with Greatest Bail Bonds then appear at their court dates.

We can walk you through bail in Manhattan Beach and Southern California. First step is to call Greatest Bail Bonds at 323 375 3000.

“1275 PC Hold Los Angeles – what to do about bail?”

Short answer: Call Greatest Bail Bonds should you have a 1275 PC Hold in Manhattan Beach, 1275 PC hold in Los Angeles County, 1275 PC Hold anywhere in California.

Greatest Bail Bonds will work with you to put together the necessary documents to have the 1275 PC hold removed from the defendant then post the bail bond.

“Arrested in Manhattan Beach for Domestic Violence! Now what?!”

If you or a loved one is arrested for a 273.5 PC or 243 PC or 422 PC or 245 PC – a bail bond will most likely be required in Los Angeles County. This included most cities including Manhattan Beach. Our CA Dept of Insurance Bail Agents are available 24/7 to answer questions and provide bail for domestic violence in Manhattan Beach and throughout California. We’re here to help with your bail bond @ 323 375 7000.

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