LBC Jail is one of the largest local jails in the city of Los Angeles. Amongst the housed at Long Beach Jail are those awaiting arraignment. To get out of jail in Long Beach, a Defendant may post bail with a licensed bail agency including Greatest Bail Bonds which may be reached at 323 375 7000.

Long Beach Police Jail can house nearly 70 defendants. LBC Jail can hold over 130 inmates. As a Type I jail, Long Beach houses non-sentenced prisoners for not more than 96 hours (excluding holidays). Additionally, there are “inmate workers”.

Robert G. Luna is the Police Chief of the City of Long Beach Police Department. The Police Chief and law enforcement of Long Beach states their goal is to “Provide a Safe City for all People” and are committed to a Mission of “Public Safety through Partnerships”. LB Police state this is done via collaborative efforts with the community, non-profit organizations, city departments, and law enforcement agencies at the federal, state and local levels.

Bail in Long Beach may be necessary for certain type of crimes. Should you have a friend or loved one arrested in Long Beach you may want to call Greatest Bail Bonds to determine if a bail bond will be required.

Long Beach Jail is located at 400 W. Broadway, LB 90802, though if you have a friend or loved one in jail in LBC we do not recommend immediately going to the jail; processing takes a great deal of time. We recommend taking the matter one step at a time by contacting the police department for Long Beach arrest information or calling Greatest Bail Bonds to guide you through the bail process in Long Beach.

Long Beach Police is open 24/7 as is Greatest Bail Bonds. You can call Long Beach Police Dispatch at (562) 435-6711 or (562) 570-7260. For bail in Long Beach you may also call Greatest Bail Bonds at 323 375 7000.

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