Black Former Probation Officer Alleges She Was Subjected to Prejudice

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Black Former Probation Officer Alleges She Was Subjected to Prejudice

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A Black former longtime probation officer is suing Los Angeles County, alleging she was subjected to racial discrimination on the job and wrongfully fired in 2019 after being falsely accused of misconduct toward fellow employees.

Barbara Scott’s Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit alleges racial discrimination, wrongful termination, failure to prevent discrimination, intentional infliction of emotional distress and retaliation against a whistleblower. She seeks unspecified damages in the complaint brought Monday.

A representative for the county did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

Scott began working for the county in November 1989 and through promotions became a deputy probation officer, according to her court papers.

In July 2018, Scott filed internal complaints in which she said she was wrongly accused of giving preferential treatment to Black youth offenders at Campus Kilpatrick in Malibu in August 2017 because she distributed hair products, some of which were commonly used by Blacks and were not otherwise accessible to the young people under her charge, her suit states.

Scott believes the allegation of preferential treatment was racially motivated, according to her court papers.

Three months later, Scott was told by supervisors that a complaint was made against her because she asked for a banana from the kitchen staff, who were on their breaks, the suit states.

“This conduct caused severe stress and anxiety … as her reputation was tarnished by false allegations and innuendo regarding her alleged forays into the kitchen to help herself to any and all food items,” the suit says.

In December 2017, Scott was “harassed, cajoled, belittled and humiliated” by a new supervisor who also assigned her “tedious and fruitless administrative tasks,” according to the suit.

Scott believes the new supervisor’s actions were done in retaliation for the complaints she made concerning her alleged mistreatment.

Scott was fired last July and was told she lost her job because she was discourteous to other employees, including glaring at one co-worker and verbally threatening another, the suit states.

The allegations against her were “fabricated” and made to “discourage fellow whistleblowers from disclosing acts of racism and other discrimination within the Los Angeles County Probation Dept.,” the suit states.

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