Laguna Niguel Man Gets 170 Years to Life for Molesting Four Girls

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Laguna Niguel Man Gets 170 Years to Life for Molesting Four Girls

by Contributing Editor

A 56-year-old Laguna Niguel man was sentenced Friday to 170 years to life in prison for molesting four girls when they were 10 and 11 years old.

Glen Thomas Kauffman was convicted Oct. 15 of six counts of lewd acts with a minor younger than 14 and three counts of oral copulation or sexual penetration of a child 10 years or younger.

Kauffman was convicted of molesting three girls, but evidence of the molestation of a fourth girl was used in the trial. The sexual assaults span six years and date back to 2013, when he molested a girl who was a neighbor, according to Deputy District Attorney Courtney Thom.

Kauffman met the other three victims through his daughter, as well as his volunteer work helping coach a youth softball league in Laguna Niguel, Thom said. He had a financial firm that served top U.S. brands and was a member of the UC Irvine Alumni Association’s Board of Directors.

Though Kauffman was not officially a coach with the softball league, he would wear a jersey and created a “false sense of authority” to his victims, said the mother of one of the girls. He also volunteered at the local YMCA, she said.

“At our elementary school, he was always shoulder to shoulder with educators and staff,” the mother said.

“There are people there who still think he’s innocent and are friends with him,” she said, adding that she views him as a “manipulative sociopath.”

Kauffman “used” the death of his wife to make sure his daughter’s friends would do sleepovers at his home, the mother said.

“He said his daughter was too scared to sleep anywhere but home,” she said.

The mother accused him of violating a restraining order when she saw him on campus at the school of a victim. He was charged with a misdemeanor related to that incident but prosecutors dismissed that count Friday.

The mother choked up when she described how two of the girls spoke up.

“When you spoke up, you had no idea your courage gave (another victim) the courage to speak up,” she said.

“And then, you stuck it out through this whole crazy process,” the mother said. “You weathered a storm that would break anyone else.”

Referring to Kauffman’s claim at trial that the girls were spurred by a falling out with his daughter over the superhero character the Flash, the mother and father of some of the girls said the victims were the true heroes.

“This person is a sociopath, a serial child predator,” the father of two victims said. “There is no remorse. He is only sorry there’s consequences.”

One of the girls said she felt “humiliated” and accused him of “using his own daughter to get to other children.”

“I’m hurt, broken and in pain,” she told Orange County Superior Court Judge Robert A. Knox. “I will be forever traumatized… You know what you did to me… and you don’t even care.”

Another of the victims said she felt guilty she didn’t protect her sibling.

“I’ve felt a tremendous amount of guilt and sadness for this,” she said. “I was a normal, happy kid before I met you.”

Thom advocated for the maximum sentence of 170 years to life.

“Every act he did on these four girls requires the maximum sentence,” Thom told Knox.

Thom noted the defendant has shown “zero responsibility” for his crimes during and after the trial.

Kauffman told the judge, “I am a sinner, no doubt… But the jury got it wrong. Something’s broken.”

He said the jury “chose to accept salacious stories rather than cold, sober facts.”

He admitted molesting two of the girls in a covert phone call monitored by sheriff’s deputies and while being questioned by investigators, but said they were “false confessions” made under duress as he grieved the death of his wife and experienced stress from his business.

“I was exhausted and stressed,” he said.

Kauffman’s attorney, Leonard Levine, argued for a 25-years-to-life sentence.

Knox said the defendant “caused serious harm to four young victims and their families… and his own children, who now must suffer.”

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