Could this situation have been diffused in a different way?

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Could this situation have been diffused in a different way?

by /u/shocka1

I got a lot of negative responses when I posted a genuine question in the ProtectAndServe subreddit.

I am just curious to see what you all think here. I am in no way saying that there aren't procedures that push for lethal force in these situations, and of course I'm not experienced enough to understand police tactics. This is why I genuinely wanted to know if there are other alternatives that departments are not considering, and maybe what the downsides of them are.

My post in the other sub was as follows: " First time posting in this forum, but just curious what you all think about this. It seems as though the girl had mental problems and actually wanted to die. Can police not use any other types of force to diffuse the situation? Such as a taser, pepper spray, tranquilizer darts, etc… "

Short description for the video. She is underage and mentally ill, and wants to commit suicide by cop.

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All credit goes to /u/shocka1
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