Get a call from the FBI? It’s probably a scam, agency says

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Get a call from the FBI? It’s probably a scam, agency says

by Matthew Kristoffersen

If you get a phone call that looks like it’s from the FBI, it’s likely not real.

The FBI is warning Californians of a new wave of scammers who pose as government officials and demand payment from those who answer the call.

Once on the phone, an FBI news release states, scammers say that the victim’s social security number has been used to open bank accounts. To fix the problem, the callers advise, one must transfer all their money to a “safe” account set up by the government.

Failure to comply could lead to possible arrest, the scammers have also said, according to the FBI.

The FBI doesn’t call people to request money or threaten arrest, the release states.

People should trust their own instincts and vet callers who ask for information.

Those who may have given personal data to scammers should file a complaint with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center,, the bureau wrote.

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