[07/24/19] Help with police dashcam

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[07/24/19] Help with police dashcam

by /u/poopbacksplash

Hi, so i live in colorado and was searched and almost arrested on my drive back from california to colorado this past april. i was pulled over for a cracked windshield in richfield which is one of the most notorious areas for gettin popped by the pigs (esp for mj). I requested the dashcam because when i was pulled over the cop 21 questioned me about marijuana (asking whens the last time i smoked etc) and never saying anything about smell or if i had anything on me. He then proceded to say he wanted to search my car which i immediately said i do not give consent for a search that he had given no reason etc, the cop froze and panicked and rips my door open leaving me no other option but to comply, he finds a roach and small baggy of mj after his search, he then procedes to try and scare me into a road side test by reading my miranda rights without placing me in handcuffs. I then consent to a road side test because i knew id pass easily. fast forward to today and i have the dashcam footage but it seens like he muted his mic because i can only hear audio from inside the car and not from his body. The first thing i asked the officer was if he was recording as i noticed the mic and assume body cam on his chest but the small red light wasnt on. he told me yes that he was recording. Does anyone have experience with this and does it help make my case stronger by only having in car audio and not audio from his body? any and all help is greatly appreciated as my next court date is aug 1st.

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